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Now you can have Penny’s Surprise your way with, or without canola oil. Plus, more bang for your buck!

Our 4 oz bottle of flavor concentrate added to your own organic olive oil blend will make 89 oz of Penny’s Surprise! That's equal to 5 1/2 of our 15.5 oz bottles!



Penny's Surprise
(4 oz)

$18.00 ea +
$5.00 Shipping (USA)
One or Two bottles*






Our all purpose spicy cooking oil concentrate is flavored with GARLIC, CINNAMON, & CHILIES to add a spicy taste to your favorite cooking oil. Blend it with your own olive oil (or use an olive oil/canola oil blend to control high temperature cooking). Then...

  • Try it with a crusty dipping bread
  • Fry or scramble eggs in it
  • Stir fry with it
  • Cook in, sprinkle on or make a rub with it for beef, fish, chicken, or pork.
  • Use as or with marinades
  • Use it in your salad dressing recipes
  • Use it in place of butter on steamed veggies, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, pasta, and much more...



Click to learn the story of why I developed this product for my wife Penny's health & my love for exciting taste in food.