Our Cooking Oil is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth & USDA. It was made for Penny with lots of love and now it's made for EVERYONE!.

We use the finest Organic ingredients we can find. First, cold expeller pressed EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Then, Premium Organic expeller pressed CANOLA OIL. The canola oil protects the olive oil when cooking at the high temperatures that popping corn and frying food requires while maintaining the rich flavor and healthful benefits of monounsaturated oils. The natural ORGANIC flavors are GARLIC, CINNAMON, and CHILIES. All blended together to create a warm almost buttery flavor to enhance the taste of anything you cook in it or pour it on. All ingredients used in Penny's Surprise will actually do something good for your body.

Our Organic Popping Corn does have a special taste and texture but our Spicy Cooking Oil is what makes it, and anything you cook in it, have the excitement and pleasure that your healthy eating deserves.


Penny's Surprise
Gourmet Flavored
Mildly Spicy Cooking Oil

Made with love, from our heart to yours!

Ingredients: First Cold Pressing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
100% Machine Expeller Pressed Refined Organic Canola Oil,
Organic Natural Flavors, Bottled In a Facility That Produces Nut Oils

A blend of Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil from the Mediteranian and California and an organic Canola Oil from the Northern USA Plains