Bill & Penny Higley


We live in Portland, Oregon with our two dogs, four cats and everything we needed to make this business work. Our dream is to market and share with everyone our wonderful Certified Organic and USDA Spicy Cooking Oil.

Penny's Pop Surprise came to be because Penny had very high Cholesterol and our doctor suggested that we change our cooking oil to Olive Oil because of its healthy source of antioxidants and Zero Cholesterol. At that time Popcorn was the major food we were cooking in oil. We both are popcorn fanatics, and often eat popcorn in place of an evening meal. At first the change was a pleasant surprise, the taste and aroma was very good.

Penny’s next cholesterol test was another pleasant Surprise (for us and the Doctor) it was down 20% in total Blood Cholesterol! It was not a cure but has been a significant help.

I am an inventor and we wanted a little more spice in our life. We decided to add flavor and excitement to the taste with a blend of spices and natural flavors; always aiming for healthful benefits for the body...

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